Journal Entry: Sunday, October 29, 2023

Journal Entry

Building Bridges to Success

In the journey of life, every step we take is a building block towards a greater purpose. For me, that purpose has always been to uplift, empower, and advocate for those who are incarcerated. Even a decade after my release, the memories of prison and the faces of those I left behind are etched in my mind. I think about them daily and strive to make a difference in their lives.

A New Venture: Mitigation Arc

I am thrilled to introduce my latest venture, Mitigation Arc. This company is not just a business; it’s a mission. The resources generated from Mitigation Arc will directly fund our nonprofit, the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation. This symbiotic relationship ensures that as one entity grows, so does the other, creating a cycle of positive impact.

Prison Professors Talent: A Platform for the Incarcerated

One of the most significant projects under the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation is the Prison Professors Talent website. I urge all justice-impacted people, especially those in prison, to explore and sign up for this platform. It’s entirely free and serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment.

Imagine a platform similar to Linked In, but tailored specifically for the incarcerated community. Prison Professors Talent allows individuals to create profiles that showcase their journey, their efforts towards self-improvement, and their preparations for a successful life post-release. This isn’t just a digital resume; it’s a testament to resilience, determination, and the human spirit.

Advocacy Through Profiles

Every profile on Prison Professors Talent is a story, a narrative that I use to advocate for prison reforms. These real-life testimonials are powerful tools in our fight for change, showcasing the potential within prison walls and challenging societal perceptions.

Echoes of the Past

This endeavor mirrors my earlier work during my incarceration. Back then, I used every resource at my disposal to prepare for success, to educate myself, and to lay the groundwork for a brighter future. Today, I offer the same opportunity to countless others through our platforms. The essence remains unchanged: preparation, education, and advocacy.

Your Challenge

I invite you to be a part of this movement. Sign up for Prison Professors Talent, share your journey, and let your story be a beacon for others. Together, we can create a wave of positive change, one profile at a time. Send an invite to to get started.

Michael Santos,
Founder of Prison Professors and Mitigation Arc