Journal Entry: Stephon Fitzgerald Yarbrough-10/21/2023

Journal Entry

Time: 11:23 am
Location: On the Range
Mood: A bit anxious

With today being the second day of journaling I am still figuring things out. I am giving myself a week to be fully on A schedule and in a groove. It’s important for me to make a schedule that includes my many facets of my life, but that also keeps the more important things at the forefront of focus.
Today I am going to clear all remedial tasks that bog down my brain and take up soooooo much of my time. Things that I know I need to do but I’ve put off for so long I don’t want to do. Procrastination is one of my worst habits. It’s the first thing that needs to go for 2 reasons; it creates a log jam; and it impedes my progress. It’s impossible to move forward with multiple anchors holding you in place. So, I need to put things in my schedule to be done right away.

A few small-time goals that will reep big benefits,

  • Do not play or use my tablet for more than 30 minutes a day unless I am watching a movie.
  • Account for all of my time after 12 pm
  • Communicate my plans with my children