Journal Entry: Stephon Fitzgerald Yarbrough-10/20/2023

Journal Entry

Time: 10:56 pm
Location: In My Cell
Mood: Mellow

This is a new and long overdue necessity of prison life that scares me. Journaling my life for both you and I to see… OMGoodness. Who better to hold me accountable than me… and God… and my Children… and my family. My journal will consist of several parts that will include mental, spiritual, emotional, and Goal oriented. At least one entry per day is to be entered with varying times. I thank Jehovah for the strength to self-analyze on this level. Like I said before it’s long overdue.
My Son is about to be a father. Happy moment for most, but not for me. It’s not that I don’t think he will be a good father, BUT, that I don’t feel that I’ve properly prepared him for this moment. The whole ” don’t have sex…BUT.. if you do use protection” is a multi-generational failure. It’s a horrible strategy that ends with the recipient having children at an early age. I’ve spoken to Sherry, his girlfriend and children’s mother and she seems like she has her head on right. BUT.. she hasn’t been given the proper tools to prepare for such a major event in her life either. I have a chance to help them choose paths that will positively change the course of their life. That is my measurement and or definition of success; HOW WELL OR ILL PREPARED IS MY NEXT GENERATION TO WALK THEIR OWN PATH SUCCESSFULLY?!


  1. Account for time. ALL OF IT
  2. Clear schedule of all unproductive tasks and hobbies
  3. Create goals
  4. Learn Focus techniques
  5. Figure out where all the pieces in my life’s puzzle fit… and don’t fit.