Journal Entry: Stephanie Nicole Jacobson-10/22/2023-Obstacles

Journal Entry

Everyday whether in life or incarcerated obstacles will come. I think as I prepare for my return I realize that I have to be more open to change and realize that there will be hurdles to overcome. Biggest obstacle will be the conviction itself. I know it will be a fight to go back into past career and the advocacy I want to do also is often federally granted so I keep getting told that my criminal history will stop me. I’ve come to terms that I have to broaden my horizon and get my foot in elsewhere, or take steps. At this time, I can keep reading, keep learning, keep growing mentally, emotionally and physically.
Other obstacles are setting those healthy boundaries and cutting off those who are not going to be apart of my success and why it may not feel the greatest at the time in the long run it will be best for my reintergration into society. Lots of people want to give advice and opinions but I’m learning to listen and weed out what needs to be.

Obstacle of the unknown. Change is scary!! No matter what, even after being in prison for so many years while we prepare for what’s next this is what I have come to know. It’s getting my mind right that everything is going to work out with the proper work, sobriety, right people in my life and using the tools that I have learned along the way. Going home ‘homeless’ can be taunting. Never been before so going to the halfway house is a blessing for that transition. I like to prepare and control it all if I could but I am having to accept that yes preparation is key but there is only so much I can do at this time. One step at a time is okay.