Journal Entry: Stephanie Nicole Jacobson-09/30/2023-Preparation

Journal Entry

In the final year, getting ready for team in a few months that I hope to be put in for my full year halfway house. I often here that we can only do so much, but then you hear of the success stories of others who were given a chance. I am reminded that you have to keep knocking! Someone is going to answer that door and see the potential. Until then we must just keep on. I continue to send out letters of intent and my resume to different advocacy organizations. Knowing this journey that I have taken can also turn into a lesson for many. The comment was made about my ‘nerdy’ ways because I have spreadsheets to keep myself organized knowing who I have sent out letters to, responses, and contact info for me to follow up. Is it really nerdy or part of my own process to get further cause I have that documentation.

So how do I keep preparing? Currently, it is setting healthy boundaries. Realizing who is a healthy addition to my life and the vision I have for the next chapter in. Deleting those who do more harm and negative. Even tho I am still currently incarcerated this is my life and I get to choose the next step that I take. Not everyone wants to see us do good. Either way actions speak louder than words. I told my daughter the other day, until I am home I can only tell you what I am doing, you don’t actually get to see what I am doing behind the scenes. It is more important than we realize to be taking advantage of all the classes offered and to actually listen to whats being taught. All this behind the scene work is building my character, setting my foundation and clearing the pathway on my way back to society. Rebuilding in every aspect. It starts here and now!