Journal Entry: Stephanie Nicole Jacobson-09/11/2023

Journal Entry

I did receive the Release Plans 2024 this past week. Thank you so much for that direction and putting it all in one place. I look forward to getting started on it. I recently had a conversation with my daughter. Words are only words until I prove to her with my actions. I realize I have to be a better version of me, not just for her but for myself if I am going to succeed back in society. Over the weekend I was able to reflect on what I have been doing ‘behind the scenes’ to prepare for my release. Some days it feels like it is just a bunch of words.
As I was running Sunday morning in the same circle that I have been running for miles and miles since I transferred to this ‘track’, even though some days I feel like I am just going in a big circle, I really am as healthy as I can be. By the encouragement, the determination to keep running for my health and physical activity which relates hugely to my mental health. This running also is something in common she and I have to talk about being a cross country runner herself which also motivates me. It seems to be the little things in here, we just have to push ourselves forward. Forward is a pace…Life is not meant to be a sprint but a marathon…
I have met all my ‘needs’ but still taking classes through the SPC, some days they seem repetitive but then there are always new points that sink in differently the next time I hear, so therefore I keep taking these classes that are building that foundation for me to stand on. Also, I am blessed to have a great job, to have learned a new skill set in the warehouse industry as well as a software program that I get more and more experience on.
Over the phone and video visits don’t exactly get to give her the view of ‘behind the scenes’ but everything little thing does make a difference and someday I’ll get to really show her by carrying my actions in prison into society. Most importantly I have so much hope and that hope seems to be carrying me a long ways!