Journal Entry: Stephanie Nicole Jacobson-08/21/2023

Journal Entry

As I try to work on my release plan, it’s a challenge of overcoming obstacles, even mind blocks that I come across. I received a reply to one of my inquiries today that I have been sending out. It’s all about perspective on how to accept it. It is the 2nd response that I have gotten after my 2nd round of sending the letters out, which gives me a little bit of hope. Each has said obviously I would still have to go thru a background check and some crimes will exclude me. Which I understand.
I also believe that my story will help in the line that I want to go into and these little glimpses give me that boost that someone will hopefully give me that chance. The email said upon release, if they had openings they would be willing to at least speak with me. My hope is that these letters, this journaling, and correspondence before my release will be a little window that I can at least crawl through and that that one person will see past my criminal history and the fight that I have in me to do be the change I want to see.
I would love to have a job set up before I was to even make it home but it takes time and stepping stones to get there. Got to keep on knocking! As we prepare for our release, I think it is so important for many of us to remember that our experience and the consequences that we have paid for our wrongs can still be used for some sort of good. Success is so many things, but it’s passing it forward as well, even if it is just for that one person that gets a little of that light shined on them! Today was a good day, seeds are being planted, and encouraging that a Director of Advocacy Services even took the time to reach back out to me!