Journal Entry: Stephanie Nicole Jacobson-08/20/2023

Journal Entry

As I read your daily journals, they do constantly have me thinking. It is so easy to be ‘stagnant’. It seems that the walls confine us in many ways. Success is a mindset though at this stage in my life. Too many years I focused on what I failed at. I believe you don’t truly fail until you quit trying. I have set my goals. And each day is a success as long as I have made an effort toward those goals. As well as overcoming the obstacles that sometimes try to block me from it. We are just people inside these walls trying to make a difference and prepare for our future. I journal daily and reflect on the past, present, and what I want to happen. It’s encouraging to see my growth. I know I would like to go into advocacy for domestic violence and addiction, to help women before they get to prison. Use my story to help others. Thanks to your continued journals/ teachings, I have started sending out letters and my resume to different organizations hoping to set up a job before I get home. So far not much for responses but going to keep at it! I keep hearing your story and what you are doing and realize that there will be people out there that will open that door even if just a crack so can slip thru and shine bright.