Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/29/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 26

Journal Entry

PSAP Lesson 26
Personal Excellence

– Personal excellence is doing the best you can do and grow in the process to become who you think would be best for you to become.

-Personal excellence for me looks like turning myself into the best version of myself that I can become. Personal excellence means tackling all of the difficult things to come, learning how to be confident in yourself, being assertive in what you want and believe and growing as a person, by not letting obstacles stand in your way but instead pushing though those obstacles to grow.
– Personal goals I can set to strive for when spending my time incarcerated are writing others to find out more about reform, working out five ties a week to maintain my physical health, meditating to grown my emotional self, teaching a course to help others grow, and writing an article to be published in a journal.

-Achieving these goals can prepare for success after release because by building your confidence and setting yourself up for success, while here, you can then be as prepared as possible for what you will see once you are released from your facility. If you can take this experience and build from it; you will be able to go out into society and build from the things you experience.

– A recent situation where I demonstrated persistence despite facing a challenge was trying to set myself up to stay busy and be successful while here. I can ask as many people as I want for a position, but pushing and being persistent about what I wanted paid off. I have not been cleared to work so I continuously pushed to get something to do. i was finally approved to be a volunteer teachers aide, if i would have given up I would have never received the position.

– This experience has contributed to my journey towards personal excellence by teaching me that persistence is key. I will most likely face multiple situations where I am turned down or given bad news, if I give up then I will never have the opportunity to build from it. If I continue to be persistence I can take a bad situation and grow from it.