Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/28/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 25

Journal Entry

PSAP lesson 25

– I understand the concept of empowerment as taking control of your life to make decisions and achieve your goals.

– Empowerment is important for personal development because you need to learn to be aware of yourself, to be confident in yourself and to take action in what you believe in. When you are empowered you are more likely to push for what you want and what you believe.

– An example of when empowerment helped me overcome a significant obstacle or achieve a goal was when I wanted to worked to do something inside the prison. I knew I would be good at teaching and helping others so I pushed myself to reach out and basically sell my skills. I was not medically approved to work is I was running into roadblocks. Instead of just sitting I took it all into my own hands and pushed until I was told I could start teaching as a volunteer position.

– Embracing empowerment can help you prepare for a successful life after release because things will be more difficult to achieve after release. If you are confident in your skills, are self aware and know how to take action you will push to achieve the goals you have set. You will not take no for an answer and will try and try until you succeed.

-Strategies I can employ to enhance my sense of empowerment while in prison are I can recognize my strengths and weaknesses, I can acquire all the knowledge I can find, I can believe in my abilities and have a positive mindset. I will begin taking actions towards my goals and I can build a positive support system.