Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/28/2024-Digital Economy Course Lesson 28

Journal Entry

Lesson 28- Amazon

1. Publishing our story could lead to an income stream because you can earn royalties on your story. By publishing the story and marketing it appropriately you are able to earn an income on what you have experienced in your life.

2. Providing a book to stakeholders can influence a better outcome for you because by providing what you have experienced and overcome to those who can influence your time is showing them you are growing from your experience, as opposed to sitting stagnant and allowing your experience to become an excuse for failure.

3. The ways developing publishing skills can help you overcome the stigma of a criminal conviction is you are able to build your confidence as well as s grow from a situation that could have broken you. You can become a role model for others in similar situations because you are showing people your current circumstance is only temporary and that you can move past your circumstance and succeed.