Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/26/2024-Digital Economy Course Lesson 26

Journal Entry

Lesson 26- OpenSea

1. The ways a person could use time in prison to create an income stream upon release using the OpenSea platform is by creating art, or if they are collectors or gamers they can list and then sell their digital items.

2. The ways a person could use an income upon release helping others convert digital products into non fungible tokens is by using a minting platform, then a smart contract to then list the NFTs for sale on OpenSea.

3. The ways memorializing a journey through Prison Professors Talent can lead to the creation of a valuable digital asset is that you are able to sell yourself. By memorializing your journey you can show how you succeeded even while being incarcerated. In turn investors will invest in programs like Prison Professors Talent because it shows they are successful in assisting people in being successful upon release.