Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/25/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 22

Journal Entry

Lesson 22- Embracing Diligence

– I understand the concept of diligence as not giving up. Life hands us challenges but thaw we handle those challenges is what means the most. Do we give up because things did not go how we wanted them to or do we continue to push because we know that we can make anything we plan out happen if we just push.

-I think diligence can lead to personal development because when things get hard we push harder. When we are handed difficult circumstances we try to achieve what we are wanting to achieve. We build ourselves into what we were meant to become.

-An example of when I demonstrated diligence in accomplishing a task or pursuing a goals is I have been trying to find a way to work in the camp since I had self surrendered. I have been met with closed doors over and over. I have continued to reach out and to sigh up for all that I could find. I have after two months not been medically cleared to work, so this brings a problem to being able to work. I decided to get creative and started reaching out asking if I could just volunteer in a position. After consistently reaching out and not giving up I was able to become a volunteer teachers aide. Helping others learn and improving my public speaking were two of my goals. This position will help me improve in both of these areas.

– Diligence has contributed to my personal growth because I have learned that sometimes things do not go as you have planned for them to go. You do not give up you push harder to get what you need. In pushing you learn patience, creativity, and persistence thus assisting in personal growth.

-Practicing diligence can help you prepare for a successful life after release because you can push yourself to do better. You try harder to succeed in what you want and you keep pushing until you can achieve your goals.