Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/25/2024-Digital Economy Course Lesson 25

Journal Entry

Lesson 25- Digital Wallet/Meta Mask

1. The Potential risks and benefits of each type for someone who might have constant access o the internet is hot wallets have convenience and are quick. They give you easy access to your crypto, yet they are less secure because of their internet connectivity. Cold wallets are more secure because they are offline. The risks are they are offline so they are not as quick as hot wallets.

2.Meta Masks functionality contributes to the democratizing access to blockchain technologies and digital economies of those who are disconnected by the ease of use, they also launched a mobile app to broaden the user base. They have token swapping that allows you to swap tokens without needing to navigate a decentralized exchange.

3. People in prison can use time to prepare digital assets that will facilitate their success upon release by understanding digital wallets as well as their functions to build an idea of how they will use them upon release.