Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/24/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 21

Journal Entry

PSAP Lesson 21
Developing Critical Thinking

-Critical thinking is being able to think independently, you can take the information and assess that information on your own, you come to a decision by how you assessed the information you have.

-Critical thinking is important for personal development because you need to learn to think for yourself, not relying on anyone else interpretation of a situations, You find the facts and you make your decisions based on your information. When you are in a situation such as this it is easy to let people persuade you, instead you need to learn to rely on your own methods of thinking.

-A time when critical thinking helped me come to a sound decision while being here was a time when my daughter was struggling with me being gone. I was trying to find creative ways to help her. Instead of calling twice a day, I started calling three times a day, instead of two emails, II started sending three emails a day, they started visiting whenever they could. I also spoke with my counselor to see if I could begin attending her therapy sessions. By doing all these things the crying spells decreased and she began to start to understand her feelings and talk about them. It contributed to my personal growth because it gave me the confidence to know and understand that I can still help and make a difference even if my current situation is limiting me in doing so.

  • Developing critical thinking skills can help me prepare for making informed choices and solving complex problems after release, because it gives me the confidence to know that I can use my views an and abilities to access situations and make choices from my analysis of the situation.
  • The strategies I can employ to enhance my critical thinking during my time here is I can research theories, I can read how others were able to enhance their skills and I can form m own skills and opinions by learning from masterminds.