Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/23/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 20

Journal Entry

PSAP Lesson 20
Unleashing Creativity

– How I understand the concept of creativity is to thirst for knowledge. Figure out what you want to do with that knowledge and then find a way to take that knowledge and reach your goals that you have set for yourself. It may not be easy to achieve the goals you have set up form where you are but you can find creative ways to help you achieve those goals.

– Creativity is important for personal development, particularly during imprisonment because you do not have unlimited resources while you are in prison so you have to learn to work with what you do have to be successful. Being creative allows you to thing outside of the box to achieve goals that otherwise would not be able to be achieved due to the the current circumstances.

-An example of a time when embracing creativity assisted me in solving a problem was when I first self surrendered. I was struggling with quite a few mental health issues. I had reached out to find a way to cope but the mechanisms I was given were not working and my panic attacks seemed to be more and more difficult to deal with. I was realizing that within the system I could most likely not receive guidance on the coping mechanisms I needed; so I took it upon myself to find books to help me understand what was happening and to help me find ways to cope with the feelings that were occurring. By being creative on learning I have been able to get myself to a place of healing.

-Nurturing my creativity can help me prepare for a fulfilling life after release by finding creative ways to learn or help others learn. Teaching myself and others ways to reach goals or to get through difficult situations.

– Strategies I can employ to enhance my creativity during my time here is that I can read to learn creative ways that others in my position were creative to succeed. I can find creative we ways to make a difference of to achieve a goal I have from within here. I can find creative ways to express myself, so that I am working on skills that I have learned to set myself up for success.