Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/22/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 19

Journal Entry

Lesson 19: Effective Communication

– The ways I am improving my communication skills is by listening to understand not just listening to hear. I am learning to express myself clearly but not just saying but ensuring tone matches; not too aggressive and not to passive yet always assertive.

-Effective communication is important for personal development, particularly during imprisonment because in prison you need to be aware of how you are communication. When advocating for yourself and for better opportunities you have to know how to use clear verbal expression. You also need to be aware of how your body language is presenting itself. To advocate for yourself you have to be open and be willing to listen to those you are speaking with. They may have guidance for you and if you are not able to listen you will not be able to use the guidance to assist yourself.

– An example of time when effective communication helped me resolve a conflict was when emailing about a situation back home. A response I received made me feel like I was being attacked. Instead of becoming angry or upset I responded with ” how you stated your comment made me feel as though you were being passive aggressive and I felt attacked”. She responded by explaining what was meant by the comment and we were quickly able to move past it with no conflict.

– Learning my communication skills to help prepare for successful interactions and relationship after release because learning how to be empathetic and resolve conflict as well as how to have clear communication will help you interact and respond to anyone in an effective manner.

-Strategies I can implement to enhance my communication skills during my time here is practicing with other justice impacted individuals, reading and learning more about effective communication skills, and using those effective skills to talk with and advocate for yourself.