Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/21/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 18

Journal Entry

Lesson 18
Harnessing Ambition

– I understand the concept of ambition as wanting to achieve something that may take a lot of determination. Ambition is understanding that getting to where you want to be may be difficult, but you do not give up on trying to achieve that goal.

– Ambition relates to personal development because you have to understand to grow sometimes you have to do hard things. To be the person you want to become you have to try your hardest to get there. You cannot grow as a person if you are not willing to put the effort into getting there.

-Ambition has helped me overcome many challenges since I have been incarcerated. It is not easy to live with this many people and it would be much easier to sit down, joke, play games and watch tv with everyone. My goals require I come our of this experience with mental clarity and the ability to overcome the challenges I will see in the world once I return.

-This experience has contributed to my personal development because overall this experience has made me much stronger as a person. It has tested my limits in more ways than I knew were possible. It has made me have to push myself outside of any box of view I have ever held. I have read from others stories nd learned from masterminds how to grow from within yourself. I have seen the strength that comes from within. When you have goals set and you have lost everything you then have tow choices, you can sink because you feel like you have no other choice, or you can choose to grow. I have chosen to grow and come out of this experience stronger than I ever thought I could be.

– Harnessing my ambition can help me prepare for a successful life upon release because by staying committed to my goals I can ensure that I reach those goals. Ambition requires hard work to get to where you need to be, Hard work and determination are required to succeed. You cannot just give up because things do not seem to be working exactly how you would like. You need to keep pushing, taking the achievements from the good and the trials from the bad and keep going.

– The ambitious goals I am working towards during my time here are writing a journal article, beginning the preparations for a therapy dog program that can allow incarcerated individuals to train the dogs and then have the animals trained and adopted out, I also would like to work on prison reform and to push the addition of more mental health assistance inside of each prison. Teaching justice impacted individuals coping skills and techniques to build better opportunities for growth.