Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/20/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 17

Journal Entry

PSAP Lesson 17
Accountability for Growth

– I define accountability as understanding all of your actions have consequences and that you are responsible for all of your actions. To grow you need to accept responsibility for all you have done. If you make mistakes learn from them and build yourself from there.

– An experience where embracing accountability helped me overcome a challenge or make a positive change is my current situation. Due to how my case progressed I had a difficult time accepting this was where I was. It was not until I accepted this is where I was; and even if I did not agree with the outcome, I had made choices that led me here. By accepting accountability I was able to move past my situation and began taking steps to grow as a person. I found that prison reform is platform I want to grow with and have been researching about it ever since.

– By Taking responsibility for you actions contributes to personal development because by taking responsibility I am able to learn from my mistakes and use them to grow into the person I want to become.

– Accountability can help me prepare for a successful life after release because being accountable of my actions makes me push harder and make sure I become the person I want to be. I can only grow by accepting responsibility and moving forward whole heartedly.

– The goals I have set that require accountability during the time I serve are to write a journal article, to find a niche in prison reform that I want to fight for, to become a better public speaker, to learn training programs so that when i return home I can use those programs to help build the canine therapy project I am working on.