Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/18/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 15

Journal Entry

Lesson 15: Appreciation and Authenticity

15.1- The steps that led to my current predicament was a series of poor choices in which I did not follow my values or goals in life.

15.2- What differentiates my preparation for success from others is that I refuse to give up. I will continue to achieve all goals I have set for myself. My goals are the most important to me and to becoming who I want to be.

15.3- The ways that my adjustment strategies resemble the ways of the mastermind is I have identified my values, I have the right attitude, I am developing tools and resources. I am also taking action steps to achieve the clear goals that I have set forth for myself.

15.4 Reforms I would like to see in the system are incentives that encourage people to work towards freedom. Mental health specialists who can assist individuals in processing through trauma, assistance with coping skills and helping create goals for successful rehabilitation upon release.

15.5 The challenges I see in bringing these reforms are the ability to find staff to fill these positions. As well as the idea of incentivizing individuals to want to work towards a better mental state without giving up when issues become difficult to deal with.

15.6 Ways I can contribute to advancing these reforms are by showing people how to advocate for themselves and to build their own mental health skills. I can come up with a plane to make this more of a reality, then send my ideas off to start advocating of the why and how of mental health assistance.

15.7 The ways that living in gratitude will influence my prospects for success upon release are that if i am thankful of the opportunities that have been created I will try harder to push those opportunities to be more. If i an thankful for doors opening i will work harder to get to achieve my goals and in turn will see more doors open.