Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/17/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 14

Journal Entry

Lesson 14:Celebrating Achievements

14.1 A story can change your life because a story can influence you to change your story. We all face difficult circumstances but the choices we make when faced with those circumstances are how we can change our story.

14.2- When meeting a person who could influence my prospect to success the story I would tell them would be the story about what happened. When I first arrived I was still in shock and unsure how to deal with my situation. Upon thinking it through I decided I could mope and be depressed or I could make a plan, set my goals and work towards them. By doing that I could come out stronger and set up for when I returned home. I knew I needed to be stronger not only for myself but also to show my children that you can succeed through anything.

14.3 I had always been a law-abiding citizen until being involved with a business that was not abiding by the law. Once I realized what had been done was illegal I immediately wanted to rectify my situation and return to being a law-abiding citizen.

14.4 I would describe incremental steps I have taken to prepare me for success after prison as multiple small steps leading to the larger overall goals.

14.5 My decision will influence my life in the next ten minutes because I will learn more and think more about my actions and goals.

14.6 My decisions will influence my life in the next ten months because I will have reached out to avatars to show my progress towards success. I will have reached out to those i admire and built relationships that will change my life in a positive way.

14.7- My decisions will influence my life in the next ten years because my decisions will have led me to a prison reform strategy in which I will be speaking from experience about what we can do to assist others in wanting to rehabilitate themselves.

14.8 A book hat has influenced my life is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Reading Nelson Mandela’s life with his trials and tribulations as well as how he came out on top shows that anyone with the right mindset can succeed from anything.

14.9 what prompted me to read that book was knowing a bit about Mandela’s life and trials prior to reading the book. I wanted to know how he overcame so many obstacles and how he became the man he was.

14.10 The lessons I learned from reading that book was even with trials and adversities you should always stay true to what you believe in.

14.11 The ways that reading that book will influence my prospects for success upon release are by looking at the ways Mandela succeeded from his past. The fact that he always held true to his beliefs. His life was not easy but he held true to himself. He succeeded with the goals he had set forward. I know I will also achieve my goals and reading about others who overcame adversity helps with my motivation to keep going.