Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/16/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 13

Journal Entry

Lesson 13: Staying aware

13.1- The level of awareness that I have about opportunities around me are pretty high. I have researched as much as I can inside the BOP facility. I have signed up for all classes available, I have signed up for all opportunities for volunteer positions and I have reached out to all academic offices. I continue to read and open my mind on any new or outside opportunities as well.

13.2 My actions show that I am keeping my head in the game but always researching opportunities and by reaching out to others to find more opportunities. In 56 days I have completed 7 courses and am currently enrolled in three other courses. I am also taking two bible classes, the PSAP course and the digital economy course through prison professors.

13.3 My decisions will influence my future because the more I focus on the worked outside and what i plan to do to build that future, the more likely I will be to succeed upon my release.

13.4 My daily activities relate to my values and goals because my daily schedule sets me up to achieve my goals. All of my goals are based upon my values that I have placed on myself. By continuing to make small steps towards my goals I am ensuring my release will be successful.

13.5 My actions show that I want to succeed upon release because each day I am taking small steps to meet each one of my goals. I am reaching out to others, taking steps to ensure I am constantly meeting my goals, and building my future from the inside out.

13.6 A well developed release plan shows my commitment to succeed by showing each goal I would like to achieve. I also document each step I have taken to get to achieve my goals. It sets it up to show that even though I am placed in a tough situation; I am continuing to achieve goals and set myself up for success.

13.7 The accountability metrics that can show I adhered to my release plan are the daily schedules that are achieved each day, the courses I have reached out for so that I can continue my productivity, the certificates that show I have completed the courses, the outside sources I have written, the goals for prison reform, the plans set forward for a position upon release as well as the fact that I have secured employment upon release.

13.8 I would like my future probation officer to know that I am making every stride towards a successful release and beyond. I have set myself up to succeed and continue to work towards my goals. I am maintaining a clear discipline record and am continuing to work towards my goals of success.

13.9 the ways I could develop a release plan that would help influence my probation officer would be to show my goals, show the steps I have taken to achieve them, show any additional steps I plan to take and to show how I have continued on my path without falling off track.

13.10 Accountability logs reflect my commitment to my release plan by showing each step that has been taken to lead to a successful release. They also show each goal that has been achieved due to the small incremental steps that have been taken.