Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/16/2024-Digital Economy Course-Lesson 15

Journal Entry

Lesson 15 Cosmos

  1. Cosmos approach to interoperability challenge the current landscape of the isolated blockchain networks by rewarding that cosmos SDK being able to enable developers to build customized blockchains, as well as being energy efficient.
  2. The ways cosmosSDK and IBC protocol can be used to enhance reintegration services for formerly incarcerated individuals is it can build for a better rehabilitation program. Using SDK to customize the blockchain to formerly incarcerated individuals IBC can then provide tokens upon successful completion of certain steps.
  3. The decentralized identities impact privacy and autonomy of individuals in the process because the individuals are unable to be identified. It reduces prejudices since the tokens are rewarded on the actions with no idea who the individual is only the steps they have taken to rehabilitate.