Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/15/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 12

Journal Entry

Lesson 12: Personal Accountability

12.1 The takeaways on personal accountability I get from the leaders around me are regardless of what your situation was you are currently in a different situation now. Everything you do, say , feel and thing falls on you. If you want to be successful only you can be the one that makes that happen.

12.2 The ways I have examined my choices are that I have looked at every detail to see where i should have done things differently. Being able to identify those areas teaches me where I was wrong. To move past that and not fall into old patterns you have to consciously accept accountability and move past old decisions, knowing you will not allow yourself to repeat them again.

12.3 Choices I made in the past allowed me to be put in my current situation. They have allowed me to see what areas I went wrong in. Pleasing others was important to me in the past. I have learned that first I need to make sure I am following my morals and values prior to making choices.

12.4 The choices I can make today influence the success I want to achieve tomorrow. I can actively remain focused on my goals and continue to push what I believe in and what I want to achieve my goals.

12.5 My past record and decisions influence the way others perceive me because I could look at my most recent past and see how I was dehumanized. By seeing how society saw me I was in a negative light. Although not easy, overcoming this is not impossible. Being able to take my past, grow from it and take action due to it can easily reinvent how others perceive me. A bad situation can turn around and be turned into a good situation.

12.6 When I finish serving my sentence my life will change because I will have negative views about me and proving myself will be more difficult. My challenges will become my victories yet proving that to society will be difficult.

12.7- What I can do in prison to easy my path to success after I get out is I can set myself up for success. I can write letters, I can learn and I can begin rebuilding my life from inside of the camp.

12.8- Waiting for calendar pages to turn decreases our triumphant return to society. If all we are doing is counting days we aren’t building our way to success. We need to focus on our goals, building ourselves into who we want to become. The days will pass anyways; why not be productive when the days pass.

Creating accountability logs and measuring progress influence our confidence and self esteem by building our confidence. If you can accomplish goals, even when filled with significant adversity you will be proud of your accomplishments making you want to achieve more.