Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/13/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 10

Journal Entry

Lesson 10: Aspiring to more

The best possible outcome for me is that I leave here with more knowledge than I came in with. I see where I made mistakes and am able to recognize how I will go about not placing myself in situations like that again/ I will leave here earlier than expected with a plan on what I am doing when I return to the community.

– The people who can influence my prospects of getting that outcome are first myself. my case manager, my counselor, unit manager, judge, probation officer and my support system as well as those I look up to.

-I can influence people to invest in the future I am building by showing them with my actions that I am serious about change and my future goal sand plans.
– The way’s in which the decisions I have made over the past few months open new opportunities are that having the time to put plans into place and influence my release, my reading, learning new skills so that I will be prepared with information that is new to me as well as perfecting my public speaking so that I can be ready to speak in front of others.

– The characteristics of people who have overcome the challenges I face are they are strong, they do not give up they are motivated and they are determined.

– The lessons I can learn from reading about those people are how to see others overcome adversity. I can learn how they pushed their way even when life seemed like they would not be able to overcome their challenges.

– The future I see for myself is one of success. I see myself speaking to others who have been in difficult situations an being able to overcome those challenges. I see myself advocation for prison reform. Being in a situation like this I have seen first hand the negative effects our justice system places. I would like to work towards changing those. I also see myself creating a canine therapy program to assist with the rehabilitation of justice impacted individuals.

– Steps I have taken over the last month to move me closer to the success I aspire to become are; I have read multiple books on prison reform. Upon reading these books I have started to understand how the justice system is supposed to be set up and I understand where BOP facilities are lacking. Seeing this and having first hand experience inside I have begun writing authors of the books as well as to journalists of the articles I have read to be able to gain more insight and learn more.
I have also begun reading on individuals who have overcome struggles and have written reports on all of these books. By seeing ho how others have overcome difficulties I am able to create goals that I want to encompass of myself. I have listened to how there’s individual speak and have signed up for public speaking courses to assist me in creating better public speaking skills.
To work on the canine program I have reached out to the coordinator of the canine program a the camp i am currently in, i have done this to learn more about the program already set up at this specific camp. I have secured employment upon release at a canine rehabilitation facility.

– My actions over the last two months have put time in a position to seize opportunities over the next tow months because I have researched an d set myself up for success upon release. I have continued to find ways to assist me in being successful. I have signed up for all courses that would be beneficial after my release and if i was unable to find thing offered at my current camp I have put myself in courses form the outside that I can use to build my goals.
People that I want to influence would respond to the adjustment strategy I have engineered positively. I have put in place items to set myself up for success. I have also spent my last two months learning from my current situations.
The people I admire most would respond to what I am striving to achieve positively. Having set goals and working to achieve those goals. It shows determination in the face of adversity, it should that even though mistakes were made you can rebuild from those mistakes to build a better future.

My values and goals will evolve by continuing to align with my aspirations. I know I want to be a pare of prison reform as i move forward my goals will change into how I can make that a reality.

– My values and goals will change as I advance my way through confinement because as i progress I will continue to learn more an continue to move forward into the areas of m life that I will want to further progress in.
– The ways I am working to reach my highest potential is by constantly working to improve my situation. I am continuing to take classes, to read books, to learn from others who have experienced situations similar to my own. I am avoiding any activity that i snot something that will help me grow.

10.4 I want to build a life I am proud of. One where I can show a strong individual who may have been placed into difficult situations but never considered herself a victim. I want to take every situation and come out stronger because of the situation.

– I have already started pursuing what I want. You have to prepare, make goals as will as set yourself up for success if you want to achieve your goals. Just because my current situation is difficult does not mean I give up. It means I learn from my current situation and build a stronger version of myself because of it.
I am willing to invest 100% of my effort into building the future I want.
– The preparations I am making to build a better life are improving myself physically by walking and working out, emotionally by digging to see the reason for my emotions and moving through those, mentally by becoming a stronger version of myself as well as preparing for what occurs in the future so that I can set myself up for success.
– My decisions are influencing my community by allowing me to reconcile for what mistakes I made. By building a better version of myself and advocation for my beliefs i can show my community i am building from my mistakes. That anyone can build a better future.
– I bear full responsibility for the success that I want to achieve. It is my goals and my dreams and actions that I will build the success I want and to be able to achieve.

If I adjust to the prison culture and dismiss a personal responsibility I will fail at being successful upon release. This culture is only temporary and my life and goals are more important to me than being liked here.

10.6- In then years I will be writing books and will have published articles about prison reform and overcoming adversity. I will have been advocating for prison reform and will have had a program accepted into the BOP to assist with the rehabilitation of justice impacted individuals.

My decisions today will lead me closer to my aspirations because each choice I make has consequences. Each decision I make will have my goals in mind; thus I will be making decisions to get me to my ultimate goals.

10.8- Yes I will be closer to the aspirations I set because every small step I take brings me one step closer to where I want to be.