Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/12/2024-Digital Economy Course- Lesson 9

Journal Entry

Lesson 9

1. DAPPS on Ethereum differ from the traditional web applications because DAPPS run on a decentralized network with blockchain technology. The potential benefits of DAPP are that everything runs smoothly on the blockchain. This makes it almost impossible for fraud or a third party interference.

2. Defi and NFT’s can change the landscape of financial and digital ownership because they represent ownership of specific content. The owner of that specific content can increase financial stability once applications have been put out. They are unique therefore offering unique opportunities for financial gain.

3. You could use the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to build income streams upon your release by seeing that using this system can offer a discounted trading fees and products on the ftx platform. You can begin to set up ways to invest to be financially stable once you implement your strategies.