Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/11/2024-PSAP Course Lesson 8

Journal Entry

Lesson 8- Super Smart Goals

8.1- What I did yesterday was visit with my children. After the visit I went to work out, following the workout I researched prison reform. I completed a lesson in the PSAP workbook then ended my evening reading.

8.2-My decisions yesterday are assisting me inn moving closer to the person I intend to become because by doing research I have been able to learn some of the struggles within the prison system. I have been able to understand some ways people are advocating for release. The person I intend to become will advocate for areas I feel need to be advocated and changed. Learning is giving me the understanding needed to begin to assist in reform.

8.3- Values are influencing my life today because knowing that my previous values of people pleasing are the reason in am in my current predicament; I have chosen to change my values. Now what is important to me is assisting in righting a system that is wrong. I want to work towards prison reform and become once again a successful member of society. To do this I need to try harder to advocate and prove myself. I am determined to become who I want to be in the future. Therefore I am spending all the time I can preparing to be the person i want to become upon my release.

8.4- People I meet in the future will relate to my values because I will only consider friendships with people whose values align with my own. I will not allow myself to be negatively impacted by others decisions. I want to live my life by living my truth and teaching my children that anything is possible if they work hard to achieve their goals.

8.5- People that share values that I use to define success are people who push for what they believe in. People who are determined and continue to try, even in the face of adversity.

8.6- I can use these lessons to start changing my life today by envisioning what I want for my future and working so that I can get to that point once I am out. I can learn from others who are or have been in my position, i can work hard and stay focused on my future. I will not allow my time spent here to define me.

8.7- The relationships I see between y circle of friends and my perspective for success is that I will only allow into my close circle individuals who have high standards and goals. They say you become parts of the five people you surround yourself with the most. My circle will consist of individuals who advocated for their rights, who do not give u when faced with adversity, who follow their dreams and who push until they succeed in what they want.

8.8- Smart goals I can set to convert my adversaries and advocates are:

  • Become a published author within two years
  • Assist in writing an educational journal article within one year.
  • Tell my story and how I was able to overcome my adversities within two years.
    -Write about prison reform while advocating for a more just prison system within one year.
    By working towards these goals I can work towards building a productive time once I am released. If I can set up goals and achieve those goals than my time spent would have prepared me for my release.