Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/10/2024-PSAP Course- Lesson 7

Journal Entry

Lesson 7
Defining Success

(7.1)- The exercise of vocabulary building and personal development influences a persons prospect for future success because with a strong vocabulary you are able to express your ideas with stronger persuasion. With personal development you are able to show the world that you have changed as well as how you have improved your circumstances.

(7.2) Officials define you by what you have done with your circumstances. If you have sat around and completed nothing with your time you are not proving ways in which you have bettered yourself. If you are taking the time to improve yourself and your current circumstances, you are able to show ways that you have been improving yourself.

(7.3) You define yourself by what you do or have done to show you can overcome your circumstances.

(7.4) Introspection influences your release plan because upon looking back you can see where you made mistakes. You can reflect and find ways to amend with society as well as overcome your mistakes.

(7.5) The steps I am taking to convert adversaries into advocates is that I am reading about others who were previously in my position. I am planning what to do with my return. I am writing mentors and journalists whose articles I have read. I have also obtained a job upon release. I am working while here to improve my public speaking skills and am hoping to work towards prison reform once released.

(7.6) Past experiences that influenced my thoughts are how I was raised and the thought and idea that you constantly had to move in to the next ideal image, happiness did not matter but what it looked like did.

(7.7)- Those thoughts that influenced the way i communicated because i was constantly trying to make other people happy. I was taking their thoughts and feelings into consideration but was ignoring my own feelings. thus I communicated as a people pleaser and not as myself.

(7.8) My communication let to my actions because I did not step up and say that I felt what was going on was wrong. I allowed other people to dictate my responses which in turn led me to positions that I should not have allowed myself into.

(7.9)- Those decisions and actions became my habits because I was so used to acting a certain way that those actions eventually became who I was. To me it was more important to keep other people happy than to be true to myself.

(7.10)- Yes those habits became me and therefore placed me exactly where I am now. If i could have spoken my mind and said how I felt those habits would not have my mind my people pleasing tendencies did not become my values I would have stood up for what I felt was right and not allowed myself to be in the position that I am currently in.