Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/09/2024-PSAP Course Section 2

Journal Entry

Lesson 6

6.1- My background is one of Greek descent. My father was born in Greece and came to the US for a better life. I graduated college and went on to working in mental health. I continued working in healthcare, received my master’s, and continued working for others; until I eventually opened my own company.

6.2 My background influenced the decisions that led me to prison because I had always been taught to follow the lead of others and live the life you are ” supposed to live”. Go through school, get married, have kids, and do not question authority or say how you truly feel. I allowed myself to become involved in a business that I did not ask many questions and just followed the rules that I was told. Thus ultimately leading me to my conviction of giving a false statement to the government.

6.3 My behavior influenced the broader community because people were losing therapy and lost employment due to my poor choices.

6.4 I am working to reconcile and make amends by learning from others through books and biographies on how to make amends with society. After being in this setting I see the hopelessness others seem to feel and show. I want to make these situations hopeful for others. To do this I am setting up plans to work to assist in prison reform. I find it important to allow more opportunities for rehabilitation as opposed to only punishment in the prison system.

6.5 Stakeholders will consider my adjustment as being extraordinary and compelling because coming in I signed up for all courses that would be beneficial to me, I reached out to find employment, I searched for opportunities in the camp to do more when I could not find them in the camp I continued to find more to do. I found two ministry courses I signed up for as well as took it upon myself to begin the PSAP and Digital Economy Courses through Prison Professors. I have secured employment upon my release and have continued to do all I can for my children from the camp. I am adamant about assisting in prison reform and feel that from my experience of being in a camp, I can provide insight others may not be able to do.

6.6 Methodical steps I can begin taking today that will influence the career I had lead upon release are that I can build business plans that I want to use in the company I will be working for upon release. I can write letters to those articles or authors who have influenced me while incarcerated. I can also research and put into place plans on how to advocate for prison reforms. Seeing that punishment does not seem to be an effective means to decrease recidivism there should be a focus on rehabilitation. By digging deeper into how rehabilitative measures could be more effective I can be prepared to advocate for those reforms.