Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/08/2024-PSAP Course-Lesson 5

Journal Entry

Lesson 5- Achievement and Appreciation

-5.1- Staff will view me differently than other people in prison by the actions i take to set myself apart. I will advocate for myself with not just words but actions. i will learn ways to help inside the system so that I can be successful upon my release.

-5.2- I can bring mentors into my orbit by writing letters. Giving unsolicited responses to articles I read. Writing to authors of books I have read with people who have overcome trials and tribulations.

5.3- Finding mentors can lead to greater achievements in my life because they can assist in guiding me. I can look at their lives and emulate who i want to become upon release.

5.4- The incremental step of completing this introductory course will influence my adjustment by putting me on a pate to better my outcome once released. This course is able to give me the stepping stones needed with the small steps so that I can eventually turn into the purple cow.

5-5- Finding mentors that align with my release plan can lead to new opportunities and achievements by learning from their guidance and putting myself on a path to success. It can open opportunities that prior to being incarcerated I would not have thought about trying to achieve.

5-6- I can show appreciation for the opportunities that are opening by starting with a simple thank you for the opportunity and going as far as making a difference and change that can affect my future.

5-7- The release plan I am creating shows a series of incremental steps to prepare for success after prison by beginning with small steps. Steps such as the courses i have signed up for and the work opportunities I have enquired about. I have also secured employment once out of camp. Each step is small but builds into larger things.

5.8- A small achievement would open up an opportunity for my life because as i tackle one goal it builds the momentum for more and more reasons to achieve the next goals. Small achievements lead to large achievements.

5.9- Living in gratitude would influence my adversaries in many ways. Showing thanks by allowing for opportunities for others only increases gratitude across the board.

Thank You
Stamatina Bourret