Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/08/2024-Digital Economy Course-Lesson 5

Journal Entry

Lesson 5- Bicton History

1. Concepts such as decentralized network, distributed ledger or blockchain compare to a centralized system like government controlled fail currency because as the government controlled currency is maintained by the government, blockchain requires a consensus from the majority of the individuals on blockchain. Thus it makes both controlled by something. The differences are that with the consensus mechanism they limited the supply of Bitcoin. With the government controlling their currency they can manipulate the supply.

2. Buying crypto from exchanges like coinbase differ from buying from exchange traded funds by the exchange traders can be vulnerable to hacking. Crypto currency exchanges like coinbase are typically more secure although they offer a fee to use them.

3. Given new government approval of bitcoin as an asset class I anticipate cooperate America will want to also be in included in the marker over time, thus again increasing the value of bitcoin.