Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/07/2024-PSAP Course-Lesson 4

Journal Entry


(4.1) You stay aware of opportunities to transform your life by researching and learning about those opportunities. You would hared and with your knowledge and vigilance you work on your own to transform your life.

(4.2) Prosecutors were more likely to work with Tina because she came forward prior to them having to charge her. She took responsibility of what occurred and wanted to fix it. This shows she was remorseful and accountable, they would be more likely to see what they could do to help her because of this.

(4.3) A person can demonstrate authenticity when it comes to remorse by being aware of their actions and working to rectify their situation.

(4.4) My adjustment has already begun to progress through the U shaped curve. When the case was going on i was stuck on what I looked like to the people in my community and also wondering how I had gotten myself involved with people. I started to realize where i had gone wrong in this. Upon getting to the prison camp i was scared and looked for attorneys to help me get out. Now as I am getting close to release I see the issues inside and want to advocate for reform. Knowing this is my goal i have begun reading about other advocates and reaching out to them so I can hopefully build a small community.

(4.5) Expanding my vocabulary and or fluency with language will influence how others perceive me because they will recognize i took a horrible situation and turned it around by trying to help others while working to reform the system into something that works.

(4.6) An accumulation of credentials can help authenticity because it shows other people you took your time and grew with that time. Your able to show others that your were serious about change and that you have work and credentials to show that.

(4.7) Awareness could influence preparations before sentencing because if you have prepared for what you think may be coming than you are much better equipped to tackle your goals if you end up going to prison. You can also have a plan in place that you can present to a judge if you are to get sentenced.

(4.8) Steps a person could take to shape the perceptions of stakeholders are they could be prepared, have a plan in place, have goals for release, as well as have ways in which they can expect to achieve these goals.

The interest of the stakeholders are to show they are successful in rehabilitating individuals to prepare them for success upon release. The interest of the people going through the system is also to rehabilitate and build themselves up so they can be better and more productive members of society upon their return.