Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/06/2024-PSAP Course-Lesson 3

Journal Entry

Lesson 3

-(3.1)- A justice impacted person who did well after their release is someone who planned and put together goals to ensure they were successful upon release. They did not allow the situation to effect them negatively; but in turn grew from their experience.

-(3.2)- A justice impacted person who failed after release would be someone who did not plan and once released returned to their old habits and old life.

-(3.3)- Those peoples actions in prison put them on a pathway for success or failure. Due to how prepared there were for what was to come. They set goals to ensure success and worked towards those goals while incarcerated.

(3.4) The ways I have thought about the people who currently have influence over my liberty is that I know I have to prove to these people that I am capable of becoming a productive member of society. I need to not only say it but prove this in turn by my actions.

(3.5) The action plans I have set to influence people who will influence my success at the years to come is I have to show I am motivated. I have signed up for any class that would be beneficial to my future while I am currently incarcerated. I have to show action , I have to set plans for my employment upon release and have reached out to employers. I also am reading to improve my understanding. Upon reading I continue to write book reports to show and remember what I learned.

Accountability resources I have created to stay on track with my actions are a support network on the outside. They check in with and follow up with me to ensure I continue on the appropriate track.


The weaknesses I could overcome from being incarcerated was to become a better presenter, thus trying to eliminate my fear of public speaking. Having a conviction will hinder me, but if my presentation skills improve I can instead of talking about how negative it was , i would in turn be able to show all I learned and how i over came my past.

If i work towards overcoming those weaknesses the opportunity to build not only my own life up, but also the lives of others up If i can use my experience as a stepping stone for others to hear and see and motivate them to do better. I can worked towards helping to remove the stigma that comes from a conviction. I can help others because I experienced it first hand as well.

I can ensure accountability methods by setting goals and checking off goals as I achieve them. Creating a a schedule, following that schedule and having an accountability partner as well as a support system.