Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/05/2024-Digital Economy Course-Lesson 2

Journal Entry

Lesson 2

1. Understanding digital assets could play a major role in future financial planning. By research and understanding the terms and how cryptocurrency works you are then able to make investments that, if done correctly, can increase your investments which in turn can increase your financial worth.

2. Learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency can help you find new job opportunities after release by once you are able to understand distributed networks, AI, personal branding, and decentralized finance you can build a wealth portfolio with your knowledge. By building your knowledge and portfolio you can rebrand yourself and invest in the prober channels that will build your own generational wealth.

3. There are multiple factors that are important when considering digital investments. You first need to create a plan on what your wanting to accomplish with digital investments. You need to research and ensure you have a thorough understanding of digital investment. Once you have a plan and understanding you need to make sure you have the financial stability to begin investing. With any investment there is a chance that it may not go as you expected. You need to ensure that if that is the case you still have the ability to survive.

Thank You
Stamatina Bourret