Journal Entry: Stamatina Bourret-03/04/2024-PSAP Course-Lesson 1

Journal Entry

Lesson 1 (1-1)

-1.1 Take aways on Frederick Douglass is that one can accomplish anything if they truly believe they can succeed. He was resilient and pushed for what he believed in. By not giving up and advocating for what he believed in he was able to change and influence others in their votes.

-1.2 Frederick Douglass can influence a strategy that i create to prepare before facing authority figures to judge me by giving me the push to know that you can change anything by putting the work into it, and by confident in what you are advocating for. By being confident you must also be prepared.

-1.3 Slavery influenced Frederick Douglass’s understanding of the worked because it taught him that a lot of times you need to advocate for what you need and what you believe in. No one will do this for you. To make a difference he realized he need to push from his prior experiences to show why what had happened to him was not okay and that is should have never happened, nor should it ever happen again.


-1.4 The authors preparation before sentencing differed greatly from that of Frederick Douglass. Mr. Douglass did everything he could to prepare himself. He learned to read, write, speak and influence others. The author on the other hand, did none of this, he instead just listened to other peoples opinions instead of preparing and researching for himself.

-1.5 The authors conviction influenced possibilities for him to become an advocate because he was able to reflect on areas he could have done differently, he now had first hand experience of the justice system and could advocate towards what should and should not be done.

-1.6 I would predict that authority figures would respond to the authors conviction negatively. They would harshly judge him for what he did and unless he began rebuilding and advocating they would continue to view him negatively.


-1.7 What motivates a prosecutor is the ability to serve justice. They have a job to find situations that appear illegal and to prosecute those situations accordingly.

-1.8 What motivates a judge is to provide punishment as well as rehabilitation to ensure a crime does not occur by the defendant again. They want to punish the individual who committed the crime, they want to set an example so that others do not want to commit similar crimes.

-1.9- What motivates the people who will influence prospects for liberty going forward is action. People who influence prospects for liberty want to know that what they are fighting for will work. They want to know that by fighting for liberties those liberties would in turn be better for society as a whole.