Journal Entry: Stacie Linn Caldwell-07/25/2023

Journal Entry

Today we had a “Townhall” that is where our unit Manager Ms. Moore talked to us about this new rollout of the FSA Advance Release Projection it should be up and running on Aug. 3, 2023. What a lot of the questions are what about the halfway houses how are they going to keep up with all the inmates that qualify? Are there daily check-in stations that will be available so we can go home and check in daily? I know that in Iowa when I was on pre-trial I live far from any Fed Supervised bldg. and I went to the men’s halfway house 30 minutes from my home and checked in. That being said a lot of inmates are wanting to know the truth behind these forward projections of FSA? Can we do half our time with this happening? We mean camp-status inmates. Also, Home Confinement is not a thing anymore since Cares Act ended? Can we go home on home confinement still so halfway houses are not overwhelmed?

Just some thoughts…

Another day full of questions and no answers.