Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-08/02/2023

Journal Entry

Today I had my FSA class-Michael Santo Preparing for Success After Prison. Not very many people in my class knew about the interns@prisonprofessorstalent so I gave everyone the address to start their own profiles. The ones that did know about it had concerns with the prices we pay to send emails which is ridiculously high. I make $10 a month and as I said before the bop wasn’t able to pay all of us in horticulture this month so now we have to wait for September to get paid and I just don’t have much money if any at times coming in. I have decided to keep doing these when I can and when I can’t I can keep journaling in my notebook.
I would like any of Michael’s books that he has written…as I am learning so much from him and the videos that we had at my state prison really touched me and was the reason that I started to prepare for my success. I think what he is doing is amazing and would love any books you could send me so I can learn more. Thank you