Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-07/31/2023

Journal Entry

Today I was working on section 2 of Preparing For Success After Prison and looking at the Johari Window. This hit home with a letter I’ve been trying to write to my sentencing judge about receiving credit for 7 months I was incarcerated in the county while awaiting my sentencing. At the time I was also a state inmate so my federal judge does not have to give me credit for it and very well may not. So I have been using Johari’s Window to consider the things I should put in my letter knowing she sees me totally differently than how I see myself, and there are many things about me and what I have accomplished so far that I want her to know but she won’t know without me telling her and showing her. I’ve been very nervous about this letter because I have a lot of history with this judge and so she knows a lot of negative things about me, and probably very little positive. I respect her tremendously and I think she is a very fair judge and she has always treated me with the utmost respect. I truly want to change her outlook on me and even if she doesn’t give me the 7 months it would mean a lot to me for her to know that I am preparing for success after prison and that I am changing my life around and am giving back to society after all I’ve taken from it…..also the 7 months would be really nice 😉