Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-07/29/2023

Journal Entry

Today I was thinking about going home and the challenges I’ll face and knowing the people, places, and things that helped influence me in my corruption and led to my bad actions and imprisonment are still there. The only thing that really left for a time period was me. It’s all waiting to welcome me home and awaits to kill, steal and destroy lives and any happiness. Everything about my life from then to now has to change. No old “friends”, no old places, one slip-up will lead me right back to here. I am so glad for the healthy sober support I do have in Mt. Jimmy, Amber, and Annette are all people I know I can turn to and will always support me. I have a positive mindset about my success after prison. Education myself while I am here is paying off in many ways and getting started with this program to help show the community that changes do have to be made in the justice system. To advocate for changes that incentivize those who pursue excellence. “Prison Professors’ Talent will become an essential tool. If we profile people who are preparing for success upon release, we’re able to advance advocacy efforts, showing the cost of savings of sending people home if they qualify.”