Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-07/28/2023

Journal Entry

I have talked with Janis Bauer (Waseca FCI) and am going to help her set up her profile, I just helped her send an invite to so she can get started. She is in the Preparing for Success FSA class with me. Also, my friend Nicole Freeman (Waseca FCI), who transferred with me from Dublin FCI last year for the Rdap program we are still waiting on, has been doing this Preparing for Success after prison. We even went to the library today and picked out some books to read and do book reports on. We are both “waits” in the Rdap unit and continue to both get pushed out further and further from starting. So working together helps because we are going through the same obstacles here at Waseca and are both willing to do what we have to do to be better people and be successful after this prison experience.