Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-07/27/2023

Journal Entry

Today I attended the Rdap morning meeting that I attend Mon-Fri. Following that I worked a full day at my vo-tech Science Management Horticulture class. I repotted a bunch of ferns, transplanted some zinnias, cleaned some bug-infested plants, and got some homework done. Although I don’t plan to pursue anything career-wise in horticulture, I do love to garden and am learning a lot that I can incorporate into my daily life at home.

Today I was thinking about the Halim Flowers story. The fact that he was raised in poverty where street gangs influenced his adolescent years, with a father addicted to crack cocaine. Getting two life sentences at the age of 16 would put most people into despair and most likely push most criminals deeper into the criminal lifestyle inside of prison. Instead, he aspired to live as the change that he wanted to see. He educated himself and authored books to change others’ lives. He inspired me by the way he handled himself, and I know that if he can be the change that we want to see in this world then I absolutely can too.