Journal Entry: Stacey Lee Milch-07/23/2023

Journal Entry

So far with my commitment to educate myself, I made a commitment to complete the Paralegal or Legal Assistant program through Blackstone College. I was able to borrow money to pay for the program. I started the program in November 2022. There are a total of 31 lessons and you are given 2 years to complete. I am currently working on Lesson 27. I have received A’s and B’s on all my tests to date. Also, while I have been incarcerated I have completed the following ACE classes: Cell Biology, Accounting, The Secret, Basic Math, Economics, Life Science, Geography, Self-Empowerment, Physical Science, Earth/Space Science, History, Rec Design, Dreamscapes, and Preparing for Success. I am also in a Vo-Tech training educational course Horticulture Science/Management and currently have around 311 hours logged for that class. I’ve completed House of Healing and am currently attending Parenting, Healthy Relationships, and Michael Santos Earning Freedom.