Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-12/01/2023

Journal Entry

Reply to Task for today for the profile of Shane A. Smith, #58920-177 – Community connections:

Before I came to prison, my family was lucky to be involved in several non-profits and charitable organizations. My wife and I both served on multiple boards for non-profits along with certain committees and boards for the school system. I have lost most of my connections and friends since my case started, understandably so. But I have kept in touch with a couple of good, caring people who are still connected to the community and it is my plan to return to philanthropic work in different capacities as I am allowed post-prison. I would also like to share my time and story with others, particularly adolescents, so they can hear from a real-life person about how making good choices and following the law can keep them from enduring the obstacles and challenges brought on by a prison sentence.