Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-11/24/2023

Journal Entry

Reply to task for Laying Your Cornerstones – Blueprint for Shane A. Smith, #58920-177, profile:

Education – I am lucky to have an MBA in Business, but I hope to expand on that by continuing to take adult continuation education classes. I also plan to pursue a certification of some sort after release from prison, most likely related to green energy or renewable energy.

Employment – I have two job offers awaiting me upon release, and I plan to work at one of those while I rebound and rebuild after prison. Those will be a springboard for my future plans for a career in consulting via my own firm and owning my own business.

Community – My family has always been involved in non-profit and charity work and we will continue those efforts once my obligations to the BOP is settled. In the meantime, I offer assistance to many inmates each week who need help due to literacy issues when they need to communicate to BOP staff, other inmates, or their families. I believe no matter where you are or what your financial situation, you can always help the community.

Well-being – Two things prison has allowed me to do is to become more healthy physically and spiritually. Those are where I am probably strongest right now among the many characteristics of life. I plan to continue my physical training and continue working to build my relationship with God, while also incorporating my family into the activities that promote growth in these areas.