Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-05/25/2024

Journal Entry

4-Success after Prison

Self-directed Response:
My avatars are my family, my future employer, and the people who are making the decisions on my release. I know it’s NOT the people at the local level of my institution who are making the release decisions. I have seen how this system works now with the FSA and how everything is decided (about credits and release dates, etc.) at the Region or higher level, so it makes it harder to access those people. But I still do not stop doing what I do to try and influence them by programming in multiple classes or programs at a time, by working multiple jobs at a time, by volunteering to help other inmates when the staff asks me, and by documenting everything I do every day. Every day we make a decision to do things that lead us closer to release and success or further away from each…I choose those activities that allow for quicker release and future success!