Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-03/30/2024

Journal Entry

Lesson 30: Prison Professors Talent

Critical Thinking Response:

I have documented every day here in prison on a calendar for each month, and each activity I have participated in corresponds with one of the 13 needs categories of recidivism reduction that is listed in the First Step Act/BOP Needs assessment. I have helped facilitate and participated in as many programs as possible, so that not only I can benefit with credits, but that also others can earn credits because of the low staffing of the BOP that contributes to them not offering EBRR and PA’s as often as the FSA says they legally should. I have also backed up those calendars of activity and completion with a journal of each days lesson’s learned and activities in more detail.

Stakeholders can see that I am a worthy candidate because of my actions to benefit my self, change my way of thinking and behaving by taking so many programs and not just memorializing them, but memorializing the actual lesson learned and listed how I/we should act in all the situations and in day to day life. If the BOP provided true/accurate reporting of EBRR and PA’ activites they would have the sytems to show I have out performed any other inmate in my recidivism reduction efforts.

I have followed the strategy that is provided by Prison Professor’s course Success After Prison, but volunteering and helping anywhere the BOP was lacking or needed him in providing classes or programs, I worked hard at each of my jobs with integrity, I created a list of BOP staff who would give me good recommendations, and I created a release plan that was approved by Re-entry Affairs and is in my file