Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-03/29/2024

Journal Entry

Lesson 29: Social Media

Critical Thinking Response:

Memorializing your journey through prison creates an asset that tells a story very few people in the world actually experience. You are part of a small population that has experienced the United States federal prison system, and that can be advantageous when telling a story, selling a book, helping people understand the journey or process, or preventing people from doing things that lead to prison.

Memorializing your journey can be a liability because most people, both inmates and BOP staff, do NOT want people to know the truth about the corrupt, dysfunctional, broken, understaffed, over-criminalized culture that is the BOP. Telling the truth and details about prison could make that person a target.

Social media brings access to billions of people every day. By posting to social media, you have an opportunity to billions of people in so many countries to see your story, your resume, your life, your goals, etc.