Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-03/17/2024

Journal Entry

Critical Thinking Response:

Dogecoin’s community-driven approach is different from other cryptocurrencies because it has the community element of bringing anyone and everyone together for a purpose, as opposed to most, if not all of the other currencies that are driven by profit and longevity.

Dogecoin allows access to it’s tokens/platforms/etc. by making it more accessible to anyone and everyone, which allows for justice-impacted people and their families to participate because most of us are not in a position to invest in the other cryptocurrencies.

In this day and age, the world is a chaotic, divisive place. We are bombarded by negative information and news and pressured to work and go into debt and live a life according to the broken world’s standards. Humor and community can help relieve those stresses and bombardments and make people happy and give them feelings of belonging. We need MUCH more of that in the world today!