Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-03/11/2024

Journal Entry

Critical Thinking Response:

With NFT ownership, it makes is harder for people to steal things of value from you and to fraudulently copy what you have.

The challenges of setting up a digital wallet and interacting with blockchain is the information that you need to set up the accounts and choosing a respectable and honest company/application to use. They are all very new, in terms of traditional banks and technology companies, so it’s important to research and read as much as possible about whichever company/application you use so you know how the process works and what to look for to protect your assets.

Most of the people in the world have no idea what it’s like in prison, so you can take the things you learn here, the motivation to get out to learn how you can make a difference in the digital currency marketplace. For example, with my case, I know what banks/institutions/government should look out for with people committing financial fraud, and most likely these technology companies don’t have someone with that much knowledge working for them so there is a chance you could get hired by them to help them develop their security systems and protocols. Similar to hiring a hacker to try and hack your own company to check for flaws and vulnerabilities.