Journal Entry: Shane Andrew Smith-02/29/2024

Journal Entry

Today’s challenge response for my bio:

I was completely unprepared to come to prison. I didn’t read anything about it before I reported because I wanted to figure things out on my own. But the lack of any time of urgency to get things done by BOP staff or inmates, the lack of following procedure and the laws by the BOP in regards to the First Step Act, federal rules, and its own policies most of the time, was alarming and I thought I could get that corrected, related to my situation, through administrative remedy and or court filings. Wow, was I wrong. For whatever reason, the “justice” system in the United States is anything but just. The various agencies, departments, etc. gang up on individuals who have already lost their basic freedoms and all but a couple of rights, and then they trample all over those with corrupt processes. Just be ready, for those who are soon to report to prison and/or be sentenced. Anything you ever learned about how the authorities and the government are here to protect you, serve you, treat you fair, treat you right, is all irrelevant when it comes to the BOP and our justice system today. If you prepare yourself for that, read books about prison by people who have been here or who have worked with inmates, like “Busted By the Feds”, then you can prepare mentally and emotionally and start your research now on all the ways you can overcome the unjust treatment you WILL received while behind bars.